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Beekin Volunteer Program


We thank you kindly for your interest in helping your community! If you're unsure as to what the Beekin Volunteer program is and wish for an explanation on our Beekin groups, please click here. We know you're excited and eager to send in an application, but please take the time to read over the above document first.

Below you will find various links to our recently unveiled application system, which is a bit more comprehensive than the last. This new, efficient way of handling applications ensures you less hassle, complete with more fields for you to express your opinions more thoroughly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

Volunteer Agreement
You must agree to our volunteer agreement before applying to become a Beekin Volunteer. By applying, you're stating that you agree to our terms of agreement.

General Beekin Application
This is where you apply to become a Beekin Helper or to add a second group. It will start with a few general questions and then will forward you to your prospective group's specific application.

Name Changing Application
Please fill this out only if you wish to change your current Beekin character. You are only allowed to fill out the form once per every three months, and your Beekin Character must be of Beekin status (obtain a badge). Please also note that your email address must be the one that your character is registered with. If you wish to change the email address that your character is registered with, click here.

Player Information

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Rules and Guidelines
  3. Furcadia Commands
  4. Beekin's Guide
  5. User Agreement

Beekin Information

  1. About the Beekins
  2. Volunteer Agreement
  3. Your Beekin Status
  4. Beekin Applications
  5. Beekin Calendar
  6. The Beekin Council
  7. Automated Volunteer List
  8. Guardians
  9. Masons
  10. Teachers
  11. Welcomers

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