Dream Help

If you're looking for help with your dream, then you've come to the right place. The Masons specialize in the art of helping other people with their dream problems. Below is a list if the different services that the Masons offer:

1) DreamChannel: Perhaps the easiest way to get your dream questions answered immediately is through the use of the DreamChannel. The DreamChannel is a channel that all Masons who are currently on duty monitor. Whenever you want to contact a Mason via the DreamChannel, all you have to do is type something along the lines of, help I need DragonSpeak help. Can I get a Mason, please? Doing this will send your help request to the help channel, which a Beekin will then forward to the DreamChannel and the Masons. The next available Mason will then contact you and assist you in any way they can.

2) Reviewing Dreams: The Masons are also willing to review player's dreams upon request. If you'd like to have your dream reviewed by a Mason, all you have to do is ask. The Mason will walk through your dream with you, offer tips and suggestions about things you may want to add or edit. They'll also tell you what looks good in your dream. This is a wonderful way to get some one-on-one help, because we all know that it's sometimes easier to have visuals aid your question.

3) Public Classes: Another very useful service that the Masons provide to Furcadia are public classes. These classes are taught by our very own Mason Masters, and they cover a wide variety of topics. These classes are open to all members of Furcadia, and class information will be on the Mason Calendar.

4) E-Mail: Let us start off by saying that this is not our preferred way of being contacted with dream questions. We do understand, however, that there are times in which the only way you can get a question answered is through e-mail. If this is the case, then you're more than welcome to send an e-mail off to masons@furcadia.com, but do try the other resources the Masons offer you first.

5) Mason Knowledgebase: The Mason Knowledgebase is a good on-line resource for players. The Mason Knowledgebase is a website that offers many different types of help for people who would rather have examples, but may not have time to actually talk to someone in Furcadia about it. Additional information to the Mason Knowledgebase is found below.

Mason Knowledgebase

The Mason Knowledgebase is a wonderful resource for anyone and everyone with dream creation questions. The Mason Knowledgebase is divided into sections that offer webpages with tutorials, pictures, tips, tricks, and even dreams that you can download as examples. We suggest everyone take a look at it at least once, no matter how confident you are in your dream creation skills. It can only help.

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