Joining The Masons

The only requirement to become a Beekin Mason is to have a love for dream creation. Not only is the Mason program a great place to teach others the wonderful art of dream weaving, but it's also a great place to further your own skills. For this reason, we do not require any set level of comprehension prior to joining.

Before you decide to join us, here are the three most important characteristics we look for in our Masons. These characteristics lead to successful Beekin Masons:

1) Maturity: The Masons are like a family and, as a family, each person needs to be respectful to everyone else who is a member of it. Immature behavior, fighting, or anything else of the sort is frowned upon and will not be accepted. If we want to be an effective help to the Furcadia community, we must first foster a supportive, familial community within ourselves.

2) Desire to Teach and Learn: Another important qualifier is initiative and drive. Members of the Masons must want to help others learn how to improve upon their dream creation skills or be willing to further their own dream creation skills.

3) Love for Dream Creation: Of the three, this is the most important. How will you enjoy your Mason experience if you do not enjoy the work associated with the title? Having a love for dream creation is an absolute must to being a successful Mason.

If any or all of this applies to you, then please feel free to fill out the application to become a Mason. Due to large amounts of applications, however, the choice for Masons may not always be available. Good luck, and happy dreaming!

Apply to be a Beekin Mason here: The Beekins.

After you have been a Mason for three months, you may apply for Mason Mastership. If you wish to become a Mason Master, however, you should be very proficient in your Dream Weaving skills. The Mason Master program is selective, and only for the more knowledgeable Masons. If you do not have a strong grasp on Dream Weaving and DragonSpeak, then the Mason Master program is not for you.

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