DragonSpeak Theory

Welcome to the DragonSpeak Theory pages. The purpose of these pages is to help you better understand the ideas behind DragonSpeak and to help get you on your way to adding magic and life to the dreams that you create.

I'll try to divide the sections up as logically as I can in regards to grouping similar content together as well as keeping it in a logical progression from beginning to end. So if I do my job, and you don't fall asleep while reading these pages, we'll hopefully come out at the end with both of our ears, our tail and preferably a better knowledge about DragonSpeak.

My name is Ridere, and I'll be your tour guide. So buckle up your seatbelts and get ready, because this might be one heck of a ride!

Before you get to the links, however, there are a few "buzz" words that I want to give you definitions for. In other words, just as "furre" means "person" in Furcadia, there are certain words which mean other things in DragonSpeak. Below are just a few I'll use in this guide.

Chunk or Block - I'll refer to a group of DragonSpeak lines as a Chunk, or Block, of code. Anything you do in DragonSpeak will require more than just one line of DragonSpeak code. You'll need at least two, and in most cases, four or five. Because we have to give a name for these groups of DragonSpeak lines, and the fact that the word "group" is so boring, Chunk and Block work nicely. Besides, they're commonly used in programming, and we all want to be programmers, yes? Thought so!

Line Header - I'll refer to the (0:1), (5:1000) beginning parts of a DragonSpeak line as the header of the line.

Table Of Contents
I. Introduction to DragonSpeak
    A. Starting Up: The Technicalities
    B. Dragonspeak and the Furcadian Server
    C. DragonSpeak Lines
    D. DragonSpeak Types
    E. Closing Comments

II. The Basics of Combining DragonSpeak Lines
    A. DragonSpeak Logic
    B. DragonSpeak Organization
    C. Closing Comments

III. Putting it All Together
    A. Introduction to Efficiency
    B. Creating Compact Code
    C. Addressing Lag Issues
    D. Logic Errors
    E. Closing Comments

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