The Mason Knowledgebase

Welcome to the Mason Knowledgebase (MKb). This knowledgebase serves as a resource for all furres of Furcadia to help them better understand the ins and outs of dream creation. Most of the navigation of the site will take place on the lefthand frame that has the menu with assorted links, but each individual page will also contain links to other pages that may have further examples, tutorials, or downloads for you to use. Here are some of the things the MKb has to offer:

1) FAQs: You've probably heard the saying, "If you have a question, then five others probably also have that same question, so don't be ashamed to ask." before. This most likely occured in a class of about 20-30 at your school. Well, as your teacher said, this is very true. But we're now not just talking about a class of 20-30, we're talking about thousands of Furcadian users who take stabs at the art of dream creation. Needless to say, we get asked a lot of questions. The FAQ section of the MKb will contain answers to some of the questions that we're commonly asked and links to our tutorial pages for answers/examples to some of the more complicated questions. The FAQ section is a good place to start a search for an answer to your question, and that's why it is listed first.

2) Tutorials: Getting someone to try to explain to you how to do something (using text) isn't always the most effective way to learn new things. We are fully aware of this, so on top of offering our services on the Dream Channel, we also offer a section aimed toward the more complicated aspects of dream creation. This will be anything from how to make certain visual effects with the default objects to complex DragonSpeak examples. Most of us are visual learners, so being able to read and see screenshot examples is a powerful tool for helping you make better and more complex dreams. The tutorials will have written text along with pictures to explain what's happening, so that you can also see exactly what to do. Questions that can't easily be answered in a few sentences will generally be in this section, though more commonly "tough" questions will have a spot in the FAQ that may have a link to its tutorial counterpart.

3) Downloads: The last tool in our arsenal for helping you better understand dream creation is beneficial in two ways. First off, being able to download a dream allows you to examine many different ideas that can be combined to create exciting effects, enjoyable atmospheres, and unique ideas all on a single map. You will be able to read and see the examples in our tutorial section and then download an example dream to experience it first-hand. This can be very useful. Secondly, being able to download dreams will allow you to enjoy a dream that you may not have the time, or experience, to create yourself. We do hope that the dreams will inspire you to create wonderful dreams of your own, as we all know it's more fun when you create it yourself. The download section will have dreams with and without patches, and all downloads will be created by the Beekin Masons with few exceptions. All dreams will contain a ReadMe.txt file that will contain additional information about the dream along with a credits section.

Contact Us

Do you have a question that you couldn't find the answer to? Is there a tutorial that you'd like to see added to the MKb? If so, drop us an e-mail. The MKb is created for the Furcadian public, so in order to be effective, we need to know what information you want it to contain. If e-mail links don't work for you, just send us an e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you.

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