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Copyright Portrait Removal Procedure:

As expressed in our user agreement we do not enforce copyrights. However, as a courtesy to improve the climate of our community and to help mediate portrait art conflicts, we clear disputed art from portrait spaces under the select conditions that follow:

The artist must directly contact the individual using their artwork. Be polite and professional, please. There's a chance that the person using the portrait was not even aware that you were the artist, there's a chance that they were scammed and are completely innocent. Asking them where they got the portrait, from whom, if it was a trade, and for what is helpful information. Let them know that they aren't in trouble and that while their portrait is going to be cleared it will cost them nothing. Do not be rude or threatening to the person using the artwork.

The artist must send a log of this interaction.

The artist must provide proof of creation--It would be bad if we cleared portraits without first checking that the person making contact is in fact the copyright holder. To prevent harassment of our users we require verification of creation. What we consider as proof is listed below.

Note: We do not help in cases where an artist's artwork has been transferred or resold to another user without their permission unless they have a written agreement with commissioner clearly outlining acceptable use of the artwork. In such cases, we will need a copy of the agreement and proof that both parties agreed to it.

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