Hammond's Tour Reference is meant as a full-guided tour. His tour reference speaks from a Welcomer's point of view, when you're actually showing other player's around! Niana's reference includes guidelines for Furcadia's main maps, should you wish to construct a tour script of your own and need a few pointers. :)

By: Hammond


Welcome to Furcadia! The magical, mythical world where animals have learnt to walk on two legs and speak. I am a Welcomer Beekin, and I'm here to make your first few moments in Furcadia just that little bit easier.

If you could, please acknowledge all that I say with an "ok" or similar, just so as that I know you understand everything. #SA


All right! The first thing that I would like to go over is movement in Furcadia. Exploration isn't very fun if you can't walk 
around. #SD

You may already know how to move, but you probably don't know how to move "easily". There are actually five separate ways to move around within Furcadia.

1. The arrow keys. The only drawback to this is that the directions of the arrow keys do not correctly match the orientation of Furcadia. With practice though, this should be no problem.

2. The mouse. Just point and click in the direction you wish to travel. In my opinion, this is the easiest way for people new to the system to move around, although it may be a bit slower than other methods.

3. The number pad (separate set of keys to the right of the keyboard). Using the 1, 3, 7 & 9 keys to move: this is a nice easy way to get around. The added bonus is that the directions correctly match the orientation of Furcadia.

4. The Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys. These are basically the same as the number pad, except just in a different place.

5. The arrows housed in the A-tab to the left of the Furcadia client. Just click on them to move.

With practice, you can find out which method you prefer. If you want to turn on the spot, just use the insert and delete keys.

To look at a furre, simply click on them. Or you can type: look <furrename>. This displays their name, description (if they choose to make one), and their portrait. You can also see which are Beekins on-duty this way as a little badge appears at the beginning of their description.

You may also notice the "badges" of furres when they speak, called "specitags" around here. These can indicate colors, gender, species and such so that you can more easily identify who you are talking to. Although this isn't important, I thought you might like to know.

As you probably already know, to talk you just type in what you want to say and press enter. And to perform actions, or emote, type a colon (:) or a semi-colon (;) and an action. For example :waves. Feel free to try it. #SA

Whispering is also a useful technique. To whisper a furre, type /<name> <message>. If the player has one or more spaces in their name, you can just leave out the space. So to whisper Syndria Ivory, you'd just have to type /SyndriaIvory <message>. Could you try whispering me, so I can make sure you've got that step down?

The good thing about whispering is it sends a message to that player, no matter where they are in Furcadia at that time -- and no one but that player can hear what you are saying. :)

Now I'm going to go over the 5 tabs in the Furcadia client and the commands housed there.

If you have and questions, or don't understand something fully, don't hesitate to ask me to stop, and I can answer your question for you.

First, locate the A, B, C, D & E tabs housed in the left of the client. Do you see them?

The A tab contains all of you postures ie. standing, sitting and lying down (the silhouettes), the movement arrows, the grab command (represented by a hand picking up a triangle) and the use command (represented by a closed fist). Note: If you "use" an object with nothing in your hands you will be sent to a central or starting point on most maps.

The B tab contains you smilies and warps to all the main maps: N=New Haven, C=Challenges, A=Acropolis, FurN=Furrabian Nights, V=Village Meovanni, AI=Allegria Island, I=Imaginarium, and the purple one in the middle is the VINCA. If you wish, later we can tour all of these places, with exception to FurN since this is an R-Rated area.

The C tab contains your editors: The Patch Editor, Dream Editor (used to create your own custom maps), colors, description, and settings. And the last heard URL button that will open a web page displaying the last URL you heard.

The D tab contains most of you avatar commands: Toggle Wings, Dragon form, Dragon Magic, Phoenix form, and Phoenix flame. And the ability to change your portrait. To access these extras, go to []. Press F8 to view this address, if you'd like. #SA

The E tab is used to activate the Gryphon (also known as a Gryffe), and it's special ability, which is being able to turn into an eagle. The Gryffe can also be bought from []. As well, this tab toggles the sound and music you will hear in Furcadia.

It can also be useful to know the function keys (F1, F2 etc.) I'll be typing these in a list, but if you miss any, I'll give you a web site for them.

F1 is probably the most helpful. It displays some basic help and also what all the other function keys do. F2 grabs an item. F3 uses an item. F4 tells you whom else on the same map as you. F5 scrolls text up. F6 scrolls it down. F8 takes you to the last heard URL. F9 warps you to the VINCA. And F11 changes the level of animation you will experience.

Should you have to reference a command, please feel free to visit: [].


A new feature in Furcadia is the ability to give cookies to people, which show up at the end of their description.

To make a fresh cookie, just type: make-cookie <name>. A message will then appear saying that you have given a cookie to that person. Keep in mind that you may only make 3 cookies every day.

With the cookies that you are given by others, you can do 3 things:

1. give-cookie <name>. This gives a cookie that you have received away. It does not deduct from the 3 cookies which you can -make- every day

2. secret-cookie <name>. This sends a cookie to a furre so that no other surrounding furres know you sent it.

3. eat-cookie. You eat a cookie that has been given to you and receive a fortune from it!

More information on cookies is available at: [].

Another new feature is the 'info' command. Just type "info" to find out basic information about your character: When it was created, how long you've been in Furcadia and such.


I would now like to go over some text commands. Although not absolutely necessary, they do make some things a bit easier.

Before I begin, you need to understand that when I use the ` it is not an apostrophe (') but is usually located above the tab key, the same key as the tilde (~).

Here are simple commands for things you already know how to do: `liedown, `sit, and `stand can be used instead of Ctrl-L or pressing the silhouettes to sit, stand and lie down.

Summoning a furre is a very handy technique to know. Just type `summon <name> to summon them to wherever you happen to be. For example, to summon a player named Hammond, you would type: `summon Hammond

Accepting a summons is easy. When prompted type `join to join that furre, or `decline to decline their request.

You can also request to join someone. To do this you type: `join <name>

That is all that you need to know for the moment. Do you have any questions?

Should you have to reference a command, please feel free to visit: []. This will list all the commands I've covered -- it'd be a good idea to bookmark it, if you'd like.


Would you like a tour of some of the places in Furcadia, or would you rather explore on your own?

Before we begin, at different points on the tour I may have to talk to you in whispers as some of the maps can get very crowded. Okay. Let's go! I'll meet you in New Haven -- you can get there by pressing the "N" button your your "B" tab.

New Haven

This map is called New Haven. It is a great place to chat with old friends or make new ones, and it contains the Beekin Help Desk, which can be a very helpful source of information.

This is the Beekin Help Desk. The Beekins here are available to lend you a paw with questions that you may have. From the Help Desk, they can also send you to other Beekin groups more specific to help you. You can press F3 while in NH to get here quickly.

You have to be a little wary of this path here, because if you spend to much time just standing you will slowly slide down towards the Watering Hole!

This is Furcadia's Roller Coaster. This coaster can be operated manually or automatically. Although the ride is short, the Coaster itself can be used as a landmark if needed to find someone.

This area is called the Friendship Hangout, so named because it makes a great social area. If you are looking for friends, or just a chat, you may be able to find someone here to talk to.

This area down here is the Watering Hole Cafe. This is also a great place for IC or OOC conversations, or conversation between larger groups. The restaurant setting provides a nice RP environment.

Could you press the purple button in the middle of the B-tab please? This will take you to the Vinca, where I will meet you next.


This is the Vinca. This map contains portals to all the main maps of Furcadia, minus one (FurN, which is the adults only area). All the maps connect to the Vinca and Vinca connects to each main map. Pressing F9 or Ctrl-S will bring you here. This is a decent map to visit if you get lost.

As you can see, each portal here has a map name and a small description of each map. We will go into more detail about each area as we tour them. Next, please press your "C" button on your "B" tab.


This area is Challenges, the map of games and puzzles. Here, you can find some puzzles to solve. This map tends to be emptier than other maps, so it also makes a good meeting place.

Although this map is somewhat empty, there are a couple places of interest: mainly the Puzzle Palace. There are also a couple games and tricks to look into.

Many of the pathways here are puzzles, so watch your step. After a couple tries you should be able to tell where the secret to passing lies, just watch closely. Next, let's head to Acropolis. Please press the "A" button on your "B" tab. #SA


This area is Acropolis. The main attractions of this area are socializing OOC (Out Of Character) and free dream uploading. You can literally put a dream almost anywhere on this map.

Those green-white portals are other player's dreams. When you walk into one, you will be instantly transported into that dream. You can create your own by using the dream editor in the C-Tab.

This is the Wedding Chapel. If you wish to get married to that special furre, you can come here to seal the deal. All you need is the bride, groom, priest and some guests. Next, we'll head to Meovanni Village. That's the "V" on your "B" tab.

Meovanni Village

Meovanni Village is what I would call "The Combination Map" It is all of the other maps rolled into one: You can have friendly conversation, or do some light roleplaying, or basically anything else you want! #SE

This is the entrance to Theriopolis. Theriopolis is one of the darker places for RolePlaying. This dream has the flavour of old Venice. You can also find a portal-boat to it in the Imaginarium.

This is Mycroft's Bar. A favourite place of many furres who come here to simply enjoy the atmosphere and chat. Usually it is tightly packed with furres of all sorts.

Here is Theatre Meovanni. From time-to-time you can see productions that others put on here. Other times, there mostly seems to be a couple of groups that use the area as a hangout.

The area we are in now is Leonardo Park: quiet, relaxing and peaceful. Many come here to unwind, or sit and chat on the many seats and pillows. Around here you may find the World's Largest Blossom if you wander a bit.

These are Jodi's Ostrix and Raptor Stables, and a bit further down the road is Equine Alley. It's basically a dead end, but can be used as a basis for some light rolelaying.

There is so much more for you to discover in and around Meovanni. There really is too much for me to show you now. But, if you have the time, later come back and have a wander, you may be surprised at what you find! #SE

Next, we'll scurry on over to Imaginarium. That's your "I" button. #SA


This is the Imaginarium. You won't find much here except a lot of second floors because it's mainly just a thoroughfare to roleplay oriented dreams.

This is the entrance to the Village of Goldwyn: A map specifically designed for Persona Play: A relaxed form of RolePlay with no set boundaries based on the Consent Rule.

The Consent Rule basically means that if somebody poses or says something that implies your cooperation, you can act like it didn't happen if you want to.

Next up, is Allegria Island, our last stop. #SA That's your "AI" button.

Allegria Island

Allegria Island is the busiest map. This is mainly because of the multitude of dreams that can be accessed from here. You can upload your dream basically anywhere here, as long as it isn't in the way.

Well, that's about all the main places in Furcadia. Do you have any questions?

Okay then, would you like to visit a dream? ** Take them to a dream, such as Kingdom of Ithika, Lost Lake, The Haven, or Sanctuary. Something friendly!

This concludes our tour. #SA I'd like to leave you with this web address, which provides tons of information about Furcadia. I'd highly recommend bookmarking it. This is Furcadia's Site Map: []. Press F8 to view it.

If you have any more questions or problems later on, there are a number of places you can get help from: Whisper me, go to the Help Desk (just click on the N in the B-tab, and then F3), or type: help <question> to be connected to the Help Channel.

Thanks for taking a tour, and best of luck in Furcadia! Have fun. #SA


What is there to do here?
#SA You can do whatever you want! #SE You could make some new friends, explore, play games and try puzzles, join special 
groups for roleplaying, or even create your own custom map for others to enjoy.

How do I get Wings/a Dragon/a Phoenix/etc?
#SA Go to [] to order them. (Press F8 now)

By: Niana


The Vinca is the purple Dot in the middle of your map tree on the B tab. Located in the Vinca are portals to the -six- main maps (there are actually seven, but, as you know, FurN is not to be considered during tours) of Furcadia:

* Villiage of Meovanni
* Imaginarium
* New Haven
* Challenges
* Acropolis
* Allegria Island

You can also get to the Vinca by pressing F9 or ctrl-s.

Through the Vinca is also the only way you can get to Zefiroth, which is an island floating high in the clouds above Furcadia. Thusly, usually only reserved for winged players, although you can summon players there.

Meovanni Village

You can get to the Villiage of Meovanni if you walk through the Meovanni portal in the Vinca, or you click on the 'V' in your map tree located on your B tab.

If you go directly northeast of where you enter Meovanni, you will find the Meovanni Soccar Field. This field is a great way to get new players comfortable with you, and with some of the commands of Furcadia (if they haven't fully gone through the tutorial or just need to do some catching up).

Playing a game of Soccar with them helps them get more comfortable with the various ways to move (the arrow keys, the number keys, home,end, pgup, pgdn.. etc) So that they can find a way that is most comfortable for them.

If you go southwest, then a bit southeast, you'll find Mycrofts Inn. Meovanni is a persona play and social map. The players at Mycrofts are usually pretty fun to introduce to new players.

Going SW out through the garden doors of Mycrofts you will find a dirt road that leads to 'The Stage', also referred to as "the Theatre" or "Theatre Meovanni".

There are sometimes storytelling on the stage, and once there was even a play! A useful thing to know about the stage is how to open and close the curtain. 

Simply stand on the dark colored tiles on the stage itself and press f3, if you aren't currently holding anything. This will open and close the curtains! A new player might think it's really neat to see some of the actions they can trigger by themselves.

If you walk northwest, you will come to Leonardo Park, which again one of the more quiet social areas of the map.

Going through Leo Park, you might encounter 'The Worlds Largest Blossom', a giant ear of corn :D Again, this is another out of the way social area where. you can sit down and explain commands to a furre. The Blossom is directly Northeast of Leo Park.

Behind the blossom is a dirt road. You can jump on that road and head NW then NE to get back to your starting point. (F3 will bring you to the entrance of Mycrofts.)

From the main road entrance, you can head directly NW following the road. You will pass by Jodi's Stables, Digo Market, and come upon Equine Ally. These are all great social spots you can introduce newfurres to other furres rather quickly here

- - - - - -


By pressing the I button in your map Tree on the B tab you can enter the Imaginarium.

This map is used mostly for the uploading of Role Playing dreams. If you go directly NE of the starting point, and follow the dirt road, you will come upon the Dragonlands, Also known as Goldwyn. Goldwyn is Furcadia's default RP map. This map is new-player friendly, but try to keep your tour within whispers if you decide to go there as it is strictly RP. A combat Map that is loaded all the time is Theriopolis. Therio is located SE on the Main Road, and it's loaded two spots down from the concrete tower on the NE side of the road.

Please note that not all dreams in Imaginarium are new-player friendly.

Some friendly dreams include:

* Love Kingdom
* Space Station Gamma
* Rainbow Bay
* Rising Dawn Villiage
* Bards Theatre
* Zanon Castle
* Atas'Cosita
* Castle of Garra Veneno
* City of Avalbane

New Haven

When you enter New Haven, you enter right beside the Watering Hole. You can get to New Haven by clicking on the N, on your map tree on the B tab. New Haven is a social map, so there is no need to worry about RPers here. Though, personal play is encouraged on this map.

The Watering hole is an excellent place to meet friends. There is also Friendship Hangout, which is a library type of social place, Also a great place to make friends.

If you follow the rainbow road NW, you will come to Help Desk. The Help Desk is there to help players with any problems they may have. Point out where the desk is, and if they need to later, they can go back there.

In the middle of the rainbow road is a road that leads to New Haven Coaster. The coaster is a good place to take players to show them some things DS can create. It's also Fun ;)

In New Haven, you can also be sure to Visit the New Haven bar. that is located SE of the starting (f3) point. The NH Bar is a great place to make new friends.

Going through the bar and out the back way, SW, following the road will bring you to the Raptar Pen. The raptors move if you bump them, make sure to mention this as a new player might think it's neat that they can move objects without picking them up. :)


You can get to the Challenges map by pressing the C button on the map tree on the B tab. The Challenges map is there for furres who want to relax and play games. They have Go, Pillow Wars, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Bowling, Bumper Spiders and a variety of puzzles. Often times, the latest Festival Dreams will be located directly SW of the starting point.

You will notice that as soon as you enter Challenges there are two sets of stairs. One going to the Go map, and the other to the Pillow Wars map. :)

To get to the Bumper spiders, bowling, Checkers, Chess, Chinese checkers and some puzzles, you will need to go over the grates located SW of the starting point. Or, you can go over the tower, which is located SW the SE at the heart pool.

The Bowling game, and the Chess games are located on their own maps. If you go in them you will need to press the C on the map tree in order to get back to Challenges.


To get to Acropolis, press the A button your map tree, located on the B tab. Acropolis is used mostly for Dream uploading. It's also a social map. The story tellers circle can be found here by going directly SW to the Wedding Chapel, then going NW.

Some interesting dreams located here are:

* Furtropolis
* Talzhemir's Dream
* The Tower Bar (Includes an interesting riddle/quest)
* Anime Club

Allegria Island

Other wise known as AI. AI can be reached by clicking on the AI button on the map tree, located on the B Tab. AI is used for dream uploading. Some interesting Chartered Guilds and dreams are:

* Sanctuary (Furcadia's first help Guild)
* Lost Lakes
* The Silver Sponser Dream
* The Haven
* Fur City Classic
* Yaashma Village
* Sleepy Hollow
* Kingdom of Ithika


Furn is R rated and if a new furre wants to explore there, you should ask their age, and if they are of age (18), you can show them where the FurN button is on the map tree and let them explore on their own. New players should never be taken on a tour of FurN.