Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!


What are Golden DragonScales?
You may have heard by now that we're putting Golden DragonScales (or GD for short) on sale in Digo Market. They're new, they're shiny, they're exciting... But just what the heck are they? Well, they are mainly good for two things right now, with more to come in the near future.

What two things can I use them for right now?
First of all, you trade them for other Digo Market items with our Secure Trade commands. We noticed that many players have started using empty Portrait Spaces to "pay" people for making dreams, drawing artwork, or other things in Furcadia. Now you can fine tune the exact amount you want to give someone more precisely using Gold DragonScales. We also have Silver and Copper DragonScales for dealing with even smaller amounts!

Second, you can use your DragonScales to get items from Digo Market. You can pay for part of the cost in cash and cover the rest with DragonScales. Or if you have enough, you can get your Wings, Roses, Dragons, Gryffes, Phoenixes, or any other Digo Market item entirely with Gold DragonScales! This makes them an ideal gift if you have a friend and you don't know exactly what they want. If you buy them DragonScales, they can go pick out their own Digo Market items whenever they wish.

Does this mean that Gold DragonScales are equivalent to cash?
No. While we guarantee that we will exchange them at any time for Digo Market merchandise, at the rate of one US dollar per Golden DragonScale, they have no cash value, and Dragon's Eye will not under any circumstances "buy them back" or exchange them for real money. They do serve the role of "play money" within the game, just as the bills in a Monopoly set serve as play money and can be exchanged for other game items during play. Also note that any trades you make with other players in exchange for items outside the game, or for promises to provide services are made entirely at your own risk. Dragon's Eye does not guarantee that other players will hold up their end of the bargain. We do, however, reserve the right to ban anyone from the game if they make a practice of attempting to scam or con other players.

Can I use Silver and Copper DragonScales for Digo Market purchases too?
Yes. Silver DragonScales are worth 10 cents, and Coppers are worth 1 cent. When you use DragonScales in Digo Market, our website will display the total value of all your scales added up, for your convenience.

How do I get Silver and Copper DragonScales?
We only sell the Gold DragonScales on Digo Market. But we will be adding a "money changer" character in an upcoming update. You'll be able to trade 1 Golden scale for 10 Silver ones or 100 Coppers. (You can also trade back, or trade between Copper and Silver). The Secure Trade commands will also automatically make change for you if needed. If you have 1 Golden scale, and try to give your best friend 5 Silver Scales, they'll end up with 5 Silver and you'll have 5 Silver.

Have you added any other features to Secure Trade?
Yes we have! You can also trade empty portrait spaces, and rose buds of all colors. (Once you've uploaded art into a portrait space, or given a rose to someone to appear in their desc, those items are then no longer tradeable.) We've also added the option to put a "reason" for a trade, so if your deal involves some additional goods or services besides Digo Market items, you can make sure there's a permanent record of that. We've long avoided letting secure trade be used to give something away without receiving anything from the other person in the trade, to prevent it from being used to trick or scam people. But we now allow it to be used to give items away. When you do so, you are required to put in a reason like "it's a gift" or "this is for a piece of art they promised to draw me", etc. We encourage people to also specify a reason in a two-way trade if there are any special or additional conditions involved in their trade, though this is not required.

How can I tell how many Scales I have?
Type the word "info" while playing Furcadia, and hit the Enter key. It will display a variety of information about your character, including all the Gold, Silver and Copper DragonScales you have. It will also display the equivalent value they could be used for in Digo Market purchases.

You mentioned more uses for DragonScales in the future. What will those be?
One thing we're going to add soon is the ability to purchase extra cookies in the game for DragonScales. Our plan is to expand DragonSpeak to let dreams receive cookies from players to activate various dream features (admission tickets to certain areas, or paying to activate a game, etc.) Dreams will also be able to give cookies back out to players. While players will be able to participate in cookie-based activities using their daily allotment of free cookies (and Silver and Gold Sponsors will receive a larger number of cookies), some players may wish to get extra cookies so they can do more in dreams that use them. Even furres with just a few Copper DragonScales will be able to afford extra cookies. Also, when we add our attention-currency system for acquiring magical "mana", furres with DragonScales will be able to purchase extra mana to use as well.

Is there any other way to get DragonScales besides buying them in Digo Market?
Silver Sponsors will receive 5 SD (Silver DragonScales) per month, as a new additional benefit of Sponsorship. Gold Sponsors will receive 1 GD (Golden DragonScale) per month. Of course you can also try to make deals with your friends to do things for them in exchange for DragonScales. That's up to you, and them! We might be offering prizes in DragonScales for some of our dream contests, art contests, and writing contests in the future. That has yet to be decided. We will also be including some Copper, Silver, and Gold DragonScales as a free bonus with the purchase of other Digo Market items such as Wings, Phoenixes, and (of course) Dragons!




In the mountains of Tranzish there stood a village called Cam Numisti. The folks were very poor and lived mostly on Pongo fruits. One night it rained, followed by a noise like little bells. Furres followed the shimmery sound to a cave in the mountain.

The first to go in was the equine smith named Tomas. Deep inside, at the very bottom, he found a tiny lake of pure water. In it lay three shiny scales, colored copper, silver, and gold.

Overhead, Tomas saw a fissure in the rock. Bravely, he climbed up. It grew narrower and narrower, until he could go no further. Then, embedded in the wet rock, he saw the glimmer of another scale, and another! So it was, that DragonScales entered the land of Kasuria.

The villagers were delighted. They dug the beautiful scales out to use them in jewelry. Tomas found he couldn't smelt them or forge them. They were durable but would shatter into glittery dust. He wasn't sure if they were even metal at all.

Soon the villagers were trading DragonScales for the things they wanted but could not make for themselves. They were traded far and wide. Some even reached Drakoria to the west, where metal usually crumbles. When Drakorians discovered that scales were immune to this effect, they became highly prized.

Fortunately, Cam Numisti came to the attention of King Constantine I. Lest the village become the focus of violence, he placed it under royal protection. Wizards, Scarhawk Knights and Dracosaur Riders came together as the Numistian Guard. They even discovered a way to make the scales into strong armor magically linked to the one for whom it was made.

Some say DragonScales came from the Great Dragon, shed while He/She slept. Some say they are all that is left of the first Wyrmmes. Where they came from, no one truly knows, but one thing is certain: they are cherished by all!

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