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Contact Dragon's Eye Productions Inc.

Dragon's Eye Productions Inc. (DEP) is the company that owns and develops Furcadia. You may see one of its Associates around Furcadia, denoted by a purple flower badge at the beginning of their description.

There are several ways to contact Dragon's Eye Productions depending on the service or query. Please know that it may take up to several days to receive a response, so please be patient.

How to Contact:

Furcadia Ticket System
A multi-purpose tool for contacting DEP about various issues including in-game issues, Portrait problems and Digo Market Orders.

Technical Support Forums
For issues with game-play, errors or general technical questions please see our Tech Support forums. Also feel free to look through our Furcadia Tech Support page.

Dragon's Eye Productions:

Dragon's Eye Productions, Inc.
PO Box 1048
Round Rock, TX 78680-1048

Beekin Suggests! Remember to check your spam filter or folder on your email when looking for responses. If you do not receive an answer within a week, please contact staff or Beekins in-game.

The Beekin Volunteers

The Beekin Volunteers are the helpful individuals of Furcadia who assist Beekin the Help Dragon spread help and wisdom throughout the land.

Contacting the Beekins is as simple as typing 'Help' in game. However for other needs in contacting the Beekins, such as questions about the group or submitting you schedule for classes, please refer to the appropriate email.

Please be patient for responses to e-mails, as some groups may take longer to respond.

Beekin Contacts:

Council council@furcadia.com
Contact the Council address if you have a question about the application process or would like to offer a suggestion for Beekin Council or the Beekins in general.

Please see our Council Page for a current list of who is on the Beekin Council.

Bugge buggehunters@furcadia.com
Contact the Bugge Hunters if you have a question about a particular bug, or you have discovered a bug and wish to discuss it.

Helpers helpers@furcadia.com
Contact the Helpers if you have any general questions concerning Furcadia, or any comments about the Help Channel.

Guardians guardians@furcadia.com
Contact the Guardians if you have a question about the rules or policies of Furcadia, a particular problem with a Guardian, or any other issues outlined here.

Masons masons@furcadia.com
Contact the Masons if you have any questions about Dream Weaving, DragonSpeak, or general layouts of maps.

Pixels pixels@furcadia.com
Contact the Pixels for art-related issues, whether it be troubles with patching or a query about an in-game patch.

Scribes scribes@furcadia.com
Contact the Scribes for web-related questions, including errors on Furcadia.com, or questions concerning creating a web page.

Teachers teachers@furcadia.com
Contact the Teachers if you would like to request a special class time, or have any questions about our Beekin Orientation, Beekin Basic, or Group Specific classes.

Welcomers welcomers@furcadia.com
Contact the Welcomers if you would like to request a guided tour, have questions about how to use Furcadia's in-game tools, or questions about the Welcome Map.

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