Many of you have asked for it, and we are happy to oblige! Following the success of our initial Second Dreaming Kickstarter Project, we continue our fundraiser through Catnip Studios. Only have PayPal and couldn't support Furcadia during the Kickstarter? Now you can! Many great features have been made possible, even more exciting ones are just around the corner!

Want Furcadia in full 32-bit, graphics included? The $250,000 milestone is not very far! Contribute to reaching it before the end of summer and it will become reality, allowing you to dream in 32-bit! Help us fund this development goal, plus the others listed below, and unlock fantastic rewards for yourself and your friends!

$150,000 Deluxe Bonus Level

  • At this level we add the Mana System we've wanted to put in for years. It's an "attention economy", which will let players earn mana to do fun things with. This can be obtained in a wide variety of ways, to give everyone a chance to get some to enjoy! Help us put a little more magic into the game.
  • Also we'll add a way for artists to submit attachments for us to sell in the market. That means way more options for you to dress up your characters, and artists gain another way to earn some Golden DragonScales!
  • We'll add one more Votable feature too!

$125,000 - Phone Home Level

  • We update our iPhone/iPad client to support the latest new features, and get it on the App store. We will release it as a FREE app!

$100,000 - Super Bonus Level

  • We will add one of our most requested features from the last 15 years - more color choices for your avatar!
  • New theme-park version of the Challenges Dream -- with mini-games, puzzles and rides!
  • We'll make a web page that shows all the latest opt-in portrait uploads, so you can browse some of the cool new art people are uploading every day.
  • We will also make a web page for the latest user-submitted Furcadia screenshots. This will be a great place to spot new Dreams & new patches!
  • You now get TWO more features from the votable features list!

$90,000 - Creators Tools Level 1

  • Web client gets live Dream editing!
  • Downloadable Skin editor gets ability to customize the web client's look and layout.
  • Ability to edit your character directly in the web client.

$85,000 - Groupie Level

  • Group Packages get their own chat channels, public or private, and custom desctags you create for your group members.

$80,000 - Web Community Package Level

  • Customizable "My Furcadia" personal page.
  • Additional web page for each of your characters.
  • Customizable page for your Group or Guild.
  • Basic version of the F.L.U.F.F friend finder.
  • Howl social network - share your portraits, adventures, funny experiences, etc.
  • Post your howls to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and more.

$70,000 - Growing Attached Level

  • We add an "attachment" system for both Windows and Web clients, so you can mix & match avatar pieces like tails, wings, hats, masks, and more. This will let you wear your wings on your Noble & Ferian avatars!

$60,000 - Dream A Little Dream Level

  • We add a totally new version of the Furrabian Nights Dream, with elaborate & exotic new artwork, and a brand new 32-bit lighting layer! This new lighting system will be added into both the Windows client and the new Web client!

$56,000 - Our Base Funding Level

  • A web-based version of the game, running on Facebook,, and other sites. No downloads or installs required!
  • Faster and more reliable Dream downloads for Windows.
  • Full 32-bit color support in the web client, with translucency.
  • Improved layout with bigger map display & bigger art, plus an improved user interface, while still supporting all existing Dreams & content.
  • Updated look & features for our website, and a new version of Digo Market. Web-based character creation, plus new account system.
  • Web version of our "Pounce" friends list.
  • We will implement one brand new game feature YOU get to choose! All our backers get a vote from our feature list, and whatever wins, we'll make it!
  • We'll add a new avatar chosen by the community as well! Backers vote on their favorites from our avatar list, and one of our staff artists will bring it to life!
In addition to the community goals, our donaters get special bonus treasure!

Extra Treasure for Treasure for ArchangelCat and Above

  • $160,000 - A Stack of 6 Tacos
  • $150,000 - A Pile of 50 Delicious Pies and 3 days of Finale Fireworks!!
  • $140,000 - A Plate of 40 Strawberries!
  • $130,000 - Toaster for a Year! (Upgrade)
  • $120,000 - 40 Smackable Trout! (Upgrade)
  • $110,000 - More Free Fireworks!
  • $105,000 - 36 Free Rose Gifts (Upgrade)
  • $100,000 - Chinchilla For Life! (Upgrade)
  • $95,000 - Votable Feature and Floof For Life!
  • $90,000 - Kiwi Avatar For Life! (Upgrade)
  • $85,000 - Add 1 more Votable Avatar!
  • $80,000 - Flooki For Life! (Upgrade)
  • $75,000 - AngelCat Flying Animation
  • $70,000 - Free Attachments! (Upgrade)
  • $65,000 - Animated Portrait Space! (Bonus)
  • $60,000 - Noble Hyooman For Life! (Upgrade)
  • $55,000 - 15 Golden Dragonscales! (Upgrade)
  • $50,000 - Turkey Avatar for a year! (Upgrade)

Extra Treasure for Cookie Collector to Scholarly Scribes

  • $160,000 - A Stack of 12 Tacos!
  • $150,000 - A Pile of 10 Delicious Pies!
  • $140,000 - A Plate of 10 Strawberries!
  • $130,000 - Seasonal Toasterwing
  • $120,000 - 10 Smackable Trout!
  • $110,000 - Free Fireworks!
  • $105,000 - 18 Free Rose Gifts!
  • $100,000 - Seasonal Chinchilla Avatar!
  • $95,000 - Votable Feature and Floof Avatar!
  • $90,000 - Kiwi Avatar for all Backers!
  • $85,000 - Add 1 more Votable Avatar!
  • $80,000 - Seasonal Flooki Avatar!
  • $75,000 - AngelCat Flying Animation!
  • $70,000 - Free Attachments!
  • $60,000 - Noble Hyooman for a Year!
  • $55,000 - 5 Golden Dragonscales!
  • $50,000 - Turkey Avatar for all Backers!