Furcadia Feature & Avatar Voting!

The AngelCats have spoken! Through the AngelCat voting the following features and avatars will be added to Furcadia!

  • Gendered Default avatars with Male/Female/Unspecified versions of all the default avatars. (In production)
  • Hyooman Default Avatars with Male/Female/Unspecified versions (Assigned)
  • Gold Sponsorship which allows you to have Sponsorship on your entire account.
  • Adult Verification so adults can find each other more easily. (Should release soon after the AngelCats Unite! Update)
  • Supported Alt Trading to make it so you can move character names between accounts without fear of scams or mistaken identity by the server. (Should release soon after the AngelCats Unite! Update)

  • Mythical Kitsune with Ferian and Magic Anthro forms. (Already released)
  • Mythical Ferian Gryphon (In production)
  • Mythical Ferian Phoenix (In production)