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Gifting and Secure Trading

Below is a list of commands for the gifting and secure trading features.

Trading is a secure way to exchange and give your special items, without the worry of someone trying to scam you. The trade-status command also lets you check the expiration dates of your items. It is highly recommended, for your safety, that you use the secure trading features instead of the gift commands!

Please note that there is a wait period between each time you transfer items through gifting or trading. Once you acquire a digo, you must wait the following time before you may trade or gift it to another person:

Portrait Space -- 1 week
Wings -- 1 month
Seasonal Digos -- 1 month
Ferians -- 2 months
Mythics -- 3 months
Nobles -- 3 months

Important: In order to use the gifting or trading commands - you must be the true owner of the character gifting the item.

Important: When sending a trade or gift, do not put spaces in the recipient furre's name. Use the pipe character (|) for spaces, or type the name with no spaces at all. If you do not, the trade will not get to the intended furre!

Secure Trade Commands

trade-start <name> Initiates the trade.
The invited person can reply with or without the name:
trade-start Confirms the start of the trade from the invited player
Once the trade sessions starts, you can do all of the following:
trade-reason Allows you to enter a reason for your trade, including trades for non-Digo items and gifts. We highly recommend adding a reason in case there is a dispute in the future.
trade-status Tells you the status of the trade
trade-add <item> Adds an item to the trade
trade-remove <item> Removes item from the trade
trade-accept Finalizes trade
trade-reject Rejects the trade offer
trade-end Ends the trade session

Gift Commands

gift-<item> <name> <msg> Gifts the item, with a message, to a player of your choice.
gift-<item> <name> %<msg> Gifts the item, and a message, to a player of your choice. Use this command if you wish for your gift and message to remain anonymous.
gift-<item> <name> Gifts the item to a player of your choice. Your gift will be anonymous without a message.

The <item> for the Secure Trading and the Gifting commands can be any of the following:






Gendered avatars


Rose bud gifting (Inactive roses)

Dragonscales: Secure Trading

Dragonscales: Gifting

Trading rosebuds (or other Desctag Gifts) will not cause them to activate and appear in the recipient's description. Instead, it will transfer the inactive rosebuds to the person you give them to, ready for them to give to someone else. The roses will not show up in their description. If you wish to place a rose in their description, see the page on Roses and other Desctag Gifts.

Your DragonScales are automatically converted to meet your needs. For example, if you have one golden DragonScale, and you give someone five Silver DragonScales, you are left with five Silver DragonScales. (1 GD = 10 SD = 100 CD)

One Golden DragonScale is worth 1 USD in Furcadia Digo Market.

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