Local Species

Patching now permits you to add one extra character type ("avatar") to your Dream. Example versions can be found in the /Patches/Default folder of Furcadia. Copy these two .fsh files into the Dream's Patch folder, and then modify them:

local1.fsh --20 frames of "Walkabout" (animated character) art
lport1.fsh --3 "Portraits" and 3 "Specitags" (which appear next to lines of speech)

These patches are activated through the following DragonSpeak triggers (the script for your Dream Map).

(5:1200) change the triggering furre to localspecies #.
(5:1201) change any furre present to localspecies #.
(5:1202) change the triggering furre back to the original
(5:1203) change any furre present back to their original species.

* More "slots" for additional local species become available to purchasers of the upcoming "Group Package". Full details will be given when this "Digo" package is released.