Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!

Beekin waves his paw at you, "Hi, I'm Beekin the Help Dragon!"

"I am the Prime in charge of helping players with many questions or troubles they have in Furcadia." Beekin smiles, "I can't do that all myself, so I invite knowledgeable players to help me out. These furres are called Beekin Helpers. They are volunteer helpers -- furres just like all others -- who give a bit of their time to help other members of our Furcadian community. We started the Beekin Volunteer Program to give everyfurre an opportunity to help others, show off what they can do, and learn a bit along the way. You obtain training and experience that will help you in your real life, as well as in Furcadia. Beekin Helpers receive a badge so that others know who has completed the training program, and they have access to game commands that make helping easier."

Beekin looks serious for a moment, "It's important to note that you are not compensated in any other way. Your rewards are the chance to help -- the training and the good feeling you get knowing you are making your community a better place. We want helpers with positive attitudes that give Furcadia an air of friendliness. If that's not right for you, we suggest you do not fill out an application. Make sure you read the volunteer agreement before you go any farther, as well. We do not ask you to work any particular hours or times, it's up to you to decide when you are feeling like helping. If you are still interested, read on!"

Beekin sits down, wrapping his purple spiked tail around himself, "There's a lot of ways to help in the program, and some groups require more or less experience and knowledge. You can read about them to decide which is the best for you. There's the general help group called the Helpers, where you can ask about anything and they'll help or direct you to someone who can. There's the Welcomers, who make new furres feel welcome and show them around. The Guardians help with troubles from other players, and Pixels and Masons help with dream and patch making questions as well as creating some things to be used in the game. The Scribes take care of the web pages, and the Bugge Hunters find glitches in the game and test out new things, so the players get better working features. To help support and train all these groups we have the Teachers. Lastly, we have the Beekin Council which are the furres that help run various Beekin groups." Beekin takes a big breath.

"We have over 600 Beekin helpers at this time, but there's always room for more. So if you are interested, read up some more, make sure you have the knowledge, experience, temperament, and time in game -- check out the applications!"

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Player Information

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Rules and Guidelines
  3. Furcadia Commands
  4. Beekin's Guide
  5. User Agreement

Beekin Information

  1. About the Beekins
  2. Volunteer Agreement
  3. Your Beekin Status
  4. Beekin Applications
  5. Beekin Calendar
  6. The Beekin Council
  7. Automated Volunteer List
  8. Guardians
  9. Masons
  10. Teachers
  11. Welcomers

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