The Welcomers are meant as the group to join, should you enjoy assisting new players or providing guidance to those in need. As a Welcomer, you will be expected to possess three important characteristics, listed below. Should you feel that would be comfortable with helping us out as a team, feel free to apply to the Welcomers. We thank you for your interest!

  • Patience: This is the number one requirement for becoming a Welcomer Beekin. There are going to be players that don't have a lot of computer experience, or may not even speak English very well. This is why Welcomers need to be calm and polite towards new players, other Beekins, and the general public.

  • Knowledge of Furcadia: One of a Welcomers most important duties is to give a newcomer to Furcadia a tour and basic information on what Furcadia's community involves. Although defined skills are not required (such as knowledge of DragonSpeak), the more knowledge you have of Furcadia And the more you can offer to new furres when you show them around. No one's expected to know everything, but the more you know, the more you can share.

  • Helpful Attitude: If you enjoy helping, in not just one particular aspect of Furcadia, but general knowledge in all aspects, especially pertaining to the basics, then the Welcomers are for you. Welcomers do one of the hardest and yet most rewarding jobs here in Furcadia. We greet each and every furre as they log into Furcadia for the first time, and show them what this world has to offer. There's a lot to discover here on Furcadia, and we show them the way. This kind of position requires an air of courtesy, compassion, friendship, and most of all, helpfulness.

Should you have any questions or comments considering the application, trainee, or Welcomer process, please feel free to ask one of the Welcomer Group Heads or our Associate.