Changing the Password of a Furcadia Character

Before changing any passwords, please make sure that you have closed all copies of Furcadia.

Step A: Password Service

If you have already used the password service, jump to step B.

1. Open in your browser.
2. Enter the required information about your character: Your character's name, current password, and the new password you wish to use.
3. Click "Change Your Password" button to continue.

Step B: Update INI Files

After your password has been changed, you must update the Furcadia Character INI files before you can connect to Furcadia again. Follow this step only if the password change from the service above has been successful.

1. Start "FURED", Furcadia Character Editor.

2. Select the character whose password you just changed. If you have several INI files for the same character, it does not matter which one you select.

3. Click "Change Password" button.

4. Enter your new password.
5. Click "OK" button.

6. If you have more than one copy of the same INI file, Character Editor will ask whether it should update the new password to all the INI Files of the same character. Answer "Yes".

7. Click "Save Changes" button to save your changes.

You have now completed changing the password of your Furcadia Character. If you have saved character INI files on several computers, you must repeat Step B on each computer.