Text DragonSpeak for Signs

With the introduction of text DragonSpeak, the ability that you have as a Dream Weaver to display messages and information to your guests has become extremely easy. Adding a few lines of DragonSpeak can make it so furres can actually "read" things in your dream. This tutorial is an introduction on how to use this text DragonSpeak.

Here is the picture of the dream that we will be referring to for this Tutorial. This dream can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The picture is relatively basic. We have two different types of objects in this dream: some tombstones and two signs. This tutorial is going to teach us two ways to use text DragonSpeak to deliver messages to people within the dreams. The tombstones will display a generic message when you bump into them, whereas the signs will display a specific message that is based off the sign that you bumped into. Let's start with the tombstones.

As stated above, the tombstones will all display the same message. Because they will be displaying the same message, the amount of DragonSpeak needed to create this effect will be rather small; in fact, we will only need to use two lines of DragonSpeak code to create this effect. Here is the block of DragonSpeak:

* Sign - Tombstones
(0:3) When somebody moves into object type 614,
(5:200) emit message {You see a grave.} to whoever set off the trigger.

Since all of the tombstones are going to display the same message, the only thing we care about is finding out if the triggering furre bumped into a tombstone. We do this by checking to see what object type the furre bumped into. Object #614 is the tombstone. Once we've established that they have bumped into a tombstone, it's just a matter of deciding what the triggering furre will "read/see." For the purposes of this tutorial, it's a simple, "You see a grave." message. These two lines of code will work on any tombstone (Object #614) that you place in your dream.

Creating the DragonSpeak for the signs is a bit more complicated. We want each of our signs to display a different message, so that means that we can't use the same DragonSpeak code that we used for the tombstones. For the signs, we're going to worry about what position the furre moved into, not which object they moved into. Here's the DragonSpeak for both signs:

* Sign - NE Sign
(0:7) When somebody moves into position (14,13),
(5:200) emit message {You see the NE sign.} to whoever set off the trigger.
* Sign - SW Sign
(0:7) When somebody moves into position (12,15),
(5:200) emit message {You see the SW sign.} to whoever set off the trigger.

Checking for the position that the furre moved into instead of the object allows us to be able to have a different message for each sign in the dream. This is probably a bit more useful than displaying the same message on every sign. As a result, however, each sign will take up two lines of DragonSpeak. We need the first line to decide which sign the triggering furre moved into, and then the second line to be the actual message that the furre will receive. Again, for the purposes of this tutorial, we kept the messages simple, but you can change the message to anything you want.

While the idea of text DragonSpeak may be a bit scary at first, I hope this tutorial has shown that it shouldn't be anything too intimidating. The biggest thing that you need to remember with text DragonSpeak is that the text that the furre(s) see is whatever you place within the {curly brackets}.

There are many different uses for text DragonSpeak, and as you explore different dreams, I'm sure you'll see them used in many different ways. If you have any further questions/problems with text DragonSpeak, or signs, you can download a copy of this dream from the link below. If that doesn't help, you can always e-mail us at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. Good luck!


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