May 5, 2007

Newest Update

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Been away from Furcadia a while? Our Kitterwing Update just came out in April, so it's a great time to come back and see all the new features, look up your old friends, or make some new ones! We have over 70,000 regular players now, and more joining all the time as we continue to celebrate our tenth anniversary year.

In addition to the size-changing Kitterwing avatar, we've got Prime Wings, Minotaurs (a new free avatar), 24-bit portraits, lead and follow commands, news window, colored text, and more. We now fully support Windows Vista and Unicode, TrueType fonts with antialiasing, new features in our editors, more emoticons, clickable furre names, and "Dream Standards" you can set in your dream. There are also 75 new DragonSpeak commands, including the ability to manipulate walls and add your own new buttons! We have another new surprise avatar coming out later this month too.

* A complete listing of these and all the other neat new features is right here.

Spring Sale!

We've got lots of great specials running in Digo Market. Our ever-popular Portrait Space discounts are back, along with deals on our new Prime Wings and our faerie-furre Kitterwing avatar. Get them both together for some big savings – the Deluxe Kombo is over 50% off! To celebrate spring, our package deals come with yellow, purple, or white roses too!

We hope you'll all enjoy everything that's new in Furcadia. We're already working on more new features, fun, and surprises for our next update. Thanks to all of you for making Furcadia so special all these years. We're looking forward to many more years to come!

* Have a happy spring!


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