Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!

Chim chirrs softly, a melodious laugh, and waves you over. "Come in! Come in! Please join me, I have so very much to tell you!" He seems jovial enough, this bare pawed mouse in breeches and doublet, a knarled wooden cane in his left paw. He sits, himself, in a comfortable chair by the fireplace, and motions you to the other, slipping his foot paws into some soft slippers and leaning the cane in a niche. "You, my friend, are an adventurer, I'd wager, else you wouldn't be here. Well, you've come to the right place! But just what do you know about Furcadia?"

The Prime of Rodents, the 'Lord of Luck', chuckles softly, eyes merry. "Do forgive me my lapse of manners. My name is Chim, and I am a friend, I assure you." He busies himself with getting a taper, lighting it from a lamp and then seeing to puttering with the kindling and getting the fire going, talking as he works. "Adventure, eh? Yes, for you are a pioneer, my friend. You have chosen to take part in something bold and new. A virtual Community. Furcadia has been open to the public since nineteen ninty-six, and has grown over the years, now having 60,000 regular players, from 150 countries around the world. At peak times, our world has 4000 players connected to it; quite an accomplishment from humble beginnings. But, that's another story." Finally satisfied with the fire, he eases back into his chair and looks you over with a amused expression. "We think that the real attraction of an online community are the people. The people that come and participate, contribute ideas and use their creativity to shape and form their home in cyberspace." Chim smiles fondly. "Many of our community choose to participate directly in it's growth, by joining the Beekin program; a way for volunteers to help make Furcadia better by making dreams, web pages, art for use in the game and assisting other furres in a number of ways. Any player may apply to join the Beekins via our application pages which are open from time to time."

He pauses to fill his long-stemmed clay pipe and puffs, using a taper to light it. "The groups that make up our community here are as diverse as their players. While most come to 'be furry' to one degree or another, some come to simply socialize and chat about things like music, movies or sports, while others come to play, from solving puzzles, making 'Dreams', Roleplaying, among other things. Many folk form associations around their common interests, called 'Guilds' to attract others with similar interests and support their common activities." He leans back and idly blows a smokering, watching it drift. "There is a world of people to meet, right at your paw tips, all of them individuals. You can make friends from the world over. If, of course, you're ready for the adventure of it."

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