Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!

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Desktop Icons

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These are .ICO files of different colored Furres. Use them in good health for whatever suits your fancy. There's lots of little Vincas too. You could make your desktop look like the Qabbalist's Tree of Life. Where do they "go"? Put them in your Furcadia directory. In Win95: Right-click on the desktop to make a new Shortcut. Or modify an existing Shortcut by right-clicking on it. Choose Properties, Shortcut, and Change Icon. (Or, in some cases, Program, and Change Icon.) Then you can Browse to your Furcadia directory, and pick the one you want. And hey, if you already knew that!


Art for Portrait-Making
Preferably for your web page

The following files have odd colors for the sake of our custom color switching. You'll notice the wigs are only 4 shades, so customizing the hair colors by hand is pretty quick. Enjoy!



- Patches -- how to customize your Furcadia art.
- Hints -- Wondering how to draw "Furcadia-Style"?
- Teddy -- A remarkable JAVA program that makes real "Mesh" (3D) files. (Includes Tutorials and even runs faster if you download and run it locally!) (Also check out SmoothTeddy and Sweater.)
- Sylia's Furcadia Goodies -- Art Updates! Ostrix Races! Anime Animalia Delights!

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