Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!

You find yourself in the presence of a beautiful creature, the ideal feminine mix of all that is Musteline.  She seems to be a princess straight out of the legendary Arabian Nights, decked in exotic jewelry. Her voice is soft and harmonious; "Hello, my friend. I am Danival, the Prime of Mustelines. Your eyes tell me that you have an interest in the creative arts. The making of beautiful things from nothing is a strong urge in all of us, and you will find may ways to express yourself here."

Danival smiles invitingly, you and your hostess recline on opulent pillows of every hue and fabric, while she serves dark, rich coffee from a brass and silver pot into small cups. "Some furres make Dreams, 'maps' that are created by the player, and uploaded to Furcadia so that other players may enter and enjoy them. With the powerful Dream Editor, it is easy to create a Dream of your own in literally minutes by pointing and clicking."

She watches you, a hint of a mysterious smile under her veil. "Of course, a Dream can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. By using DragonSpeak, the scripting language that allows you to add special effects and magic to your Dreams, and the FSHEditor, which allows you to add your own art,  the possibilities are endless for someone with imagination! Your dreams may also play music and sounds that you add. For many players, their Dreams are an ongoing process, being added to and revised according to their whims. Danival laughs softly "Though in good faith, I must warn you, that Dreamweaving can be quite addictive. But what better habit to have than a creative one?"

The beautiful Musteline brushes through her long silky hair, putting it to order as she continues. "There are other pursuits that are popular with our players as well. Furcadia has a very rich and diverse community of artists of every description. They create all forms of art, ranging from amazing pictures of their furre, to poetry, stories, music, game designs, even web pages for their characters or interests here. You may even have your portrait customized to something you've made yourself! Some folk express themselves through the art of programming, and have made a number of third-party software for their friends and the community to enjoy."

Sensing your sojourn with her is near it's end, she gestures broadly to the open flap of the tent. Furcadia is all about using your imagination to make wonderful things and sharing those things with friends you have made here. There's something for everyfurre to create and many things together have made for you to enjoy. There's plenty of tutorials and furres out there to help you learn how. So step into our world and let your imagination soar!" Again, she smiles mysteriously as you go to seek others for knowledge.

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