Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!

The Furcadian Community would like to welcome you to Naia Green, our community dream! Naia is meant as a safe place for new and long time players to get help, learn new things and meet new people. This dream is different from most other ones in that not only does the dream have a specific purpose and special rules, but many areas inside it do as well. The volunteer Beekins Helpers have their Help Areas here where anyone can go to get help with a wide variety of game issues. While exploring Naia Green you will also find the Group Hall, Furcadian Academy, Library, coffee house, Vinca Falls, Beekin clock and many fun chat areas. We also have a specially designed area just to help furres meet each other, called the FluFF Pit. Be sure to bump any signs to find out more as you wander around and we hope you enjoy your stay in Naia Green!

Map of Naia Green
Naia Green Rules and Policies
About short cuts and uploads
Help Areas
Beekin Clock
Fluff Pit
Chat Areas
Group Hall
Furcadian Academy
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Naia Green Rules and Policies

   Community members need to use the areas of Naia as they were intended to be used.
    Only newfurre friendly, family-oriented chatting is permitted in Naia Green.
    Help Areas are for helping or getting help. Please do not have long chats, lay down, AFK or idle in these areas. If the Help Area is at all crowded, please take helping and chatting elsewhere. Look below for a list of Help Areas and their boundries.
    We ask that any "sleeping" (AFKing for longer than 30 minutes) be done in an out of the way place.
    As with anyplace in Furcadia, if a GuardianGuardian Badge asks furres to leave an area, especially a help area, players are expected to honor the request.
    No disruptive advertisement or bots are allowed on Naia Green. (Bots are only allowed in AI and Acropolis.)
    Naia is a busy dream, please make sure that you are not blocking any pathways or entrances at any time.
    All the other rules and policies for Furcadia apply here as well. See them in the User Agreement.
Those not following these rules may be asked to leave or ejected from Naia. Continued breaking of the policies can result in temporary or permanant removal from the dream. Naia is a safe and helpful place and we want it to stay that way.

About Short Cuts and Uploads

Naia Green's Shortcuts

Naia Green is fairly easy to get around by walking, but if you are in a hurry to get to an area you can press F3 while standing and it will warp you around the dream. If you hold still very long at the center of the dream, you will be moved down the road to keep the traffic clear. Click here for a demonstration of the idle transport. There's an area up the path to the NW, called the Dream Walks, where you can upload your own dreams and sit with others who are dreaming. To place your dream stand facing the upload portal and press control+t.

Naia Green's Dream Walks

Help Areas

Help Areas are dedicated areas for beekins to frequent in order to make themselves better available to players who may need assistance. Though help may be found anywhere in Naia Green, these areas are specific to their respectful beekin groups. Please take a look at the Help Center Boundaries for a full listing of help areas.

Help Center

Naia Green's Help Center

The Help Center is THE place for general questions about Furcadia. The Helpers, easily recognized by the Helpers Badge badge in their description, can connect you with other groups, too. These Beekins are volunteers helping their community; please treat them with respect. To get help from anywhere in the game just type: help and then your question.

Welcome Mat

Naia Green's Welcome Mat

You've tumbled onto our Welcome Mat. The WelcomersWelcomer Badge frequent this area, offering help to new players and giving tours to those who would like to be shown the ropes of Furcadia. If you can't find a Welcomer here, chances are that one is available on our Welcome Map (loaded just to your north), which provides an interactive tour of the basics of Furcadia. :-)

Dreamers' Circle

Naia Green's Dreamers' Circle

This is a friendly spot where PixelsPixel Badge, MasonsMasons Badge and all those interested in the art of dream creation can plan, talk about and build dreams. You can get answers to your questions about the dream editor, patch editor and learn how to do DragonSpeak(DS). DS is the easy scripting language that makes your dreams active and fun. If no one is there, you can ask for help with your dream using the help command and they will forward you to a Pixel or Mason that is wandering Furcadia.

Tech Support

Naia Green's Tech Support

Technical problems with your Furcadia client? Something just not working right? Running out of ideas? Whether you experience strange errors or something refuses to work, here you'll find the BuggeHunter BeekinsBuggeHunter Badge that can help you and offer useful advice on how to fix a technical trouble. More technical help resources are available at: https://www.furcadia.com/tech

Guardians' Hall

Naia Green's Guardians' Hall

The GuardiansGuaridans Badge of Furcadia are the official "enforcers" of Furcadia's rules and policies. They are friendly and willing to help, but please respect their time as they are really busy while on duty. Guardians, like all Beekins, should be treated with respect. If you need a Guardian, the best way to get in contact with them is through using the help channel.

Beekin Clock

Naia Green's Beekin Clock

The Beekin Clock shares its wealth of information through random tips, which you can read if you bump into it. By bumping into the Beekin Clock, you can also find out the time in Furcadia Standard Time (FST). Beekin also announces the time on the half hour to anyone who has the clock onscreen. (Hint: There's a few fun messages that you can only hear if listen on the half hours!)

Fluff Pit

Naia Green's FluFF Pit

The FluFF (Furcadia Friend Finder) Pit is a great place if you want to hook up with like-minded furres from all over the world. Whether you're a new member of our community or a seasoned player, looking for someone to talk to or to roleplay with, the Pit is a good spot to "get in touch". When sitting on a pillow, you can toggle tags by pressing your F3 button, to make it a bit easier to let others know what type of interests you hold.


Naia Green's Library

Welcome to Furcadia's Library! Here, you can bump into the bookcases to learn about fun and interesting links. :-)

Chat Areas

Naia Green's Chat Areas

Chat areas are little seating nooks you will find placed around the dream. These are perfect places to talk with friends and to join interesting conversation. They are placed so they are out of the way and so your speech doesn't interfere with other chat areas or Help areas. Please note that the Help Areas and FluFF Pit are not chat areas, but have very specific purposes.

Group Hall

Naia Green's Group Hall

The Group Hall is an assembly of registered groups of Furcadia. Only Groups with a Group Package may upload here. For information on Furcadia's Groups, please visit: https://www.furcadia.com/digomarket to purchase a group package. (Note: These are not in effect yet. Please refer to the Furcadia forums for more information and answers to questions about Group Packages)

Furcadian Academy

Naia Green's Furcadian Academy

Furcadia is not only about roleplaying and socializing, but also about learning! The Furcadia Academy occasionally offers classes and seminars for a wide variety of topics. There is also a large gathering area that is used for Town Meetings and other social events. To see if there are any upcoming classes or events please check out our community calendar!

Download Patch
Want to download the patch artwork from Naia Green? You're more than welcome to use it in your own dreams however you wish! Click here to download the patch.

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