Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!


    Furcadia's official default Continuity (setting) is called The Dragonlands. The official Furcadia tabletop/dice RPG called "Furre!" is set in this specific game world. So are the permanent maps of Theriopolis and Goldwyn. Although we do have a Continuity, it isn't enforced. The Dragonlands were created by Talzhemir, and if there's a question of what's canon ("real") in the Dragonlands, the decision is hers. From time to time you may hear references to "The Primes", "Scarhawks", "Kasuria", etc. That's because this source material has been in wide very casual use and accepted since 1996.


I. The Dragonlands: An Overview
      - The Furcadian Bestiary
      - ElvenFurres: The Fey
      - WereFurres: The Shapeshifters
      - Vampyres: The Undead
      - The Demifane: Bearers of the Tainted Bloods
      - The Primes: The Most Powerful Of The Furre World
      - Of Clouds and Wyrmmes: The Furcadian Creation Myths

II. Strict Roleplaying with Character Sheets and Dice
       - Furre!: The Official Furcadian RP Character Generation Rules
       - A Comprehensive List of Explanations
       - Roleplaying Tips
       - The Rule of Cool instead of the Consent Rule
       - What Other Roleplayers Expect From You




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  1. Persona Roleplaying
  2. Strict Roleplaying
  3. Guilds and Rahs
  4. The Dragonlands
  5. The Primes
  6. Continuity
  7. Longnames
  8. Roleplay Talks

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