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The Beekin Teachers are dedicated to guiding new Beekins on their way to becoming full participants to their chosen Beekin group. They are a helpful, and knowledgeable group, and are chosen from recommendations out of the other Beekin groups. The Teachers are responsible for (but not limited to) scheduling classes to the Beekin Calendar, organizing class times and teaching the scheduled classes. Classes offered at the moment by the Beekin Teachers are Beekin Orientation and Beekin Basics. Both classes require mandatory attendance for all new Beekins before receiving their specialized Beekin training.

  • All classes are listed on our Beekin Calendar.
  • Visit the Teacher Roster, for a list of the current Teachers.
  • The Teachers' current Group Head is: Solyce.
  • The Teachers' Associate In Charge is: Cironir.



The Beekin Teachers do not take applications. Teachers are selected for their good-natured, helpful attitudes, and over-all game knowledge. Candidates are often observed during game-play before being selected for a personal interview with our Teacher Heads. Interviewing does not guarantee a position with the Teacher group. Teacher positions do not count towards the two Beekin badge limit.


In regards to the Beekin Staff Agreement:

1. Please keep e-mail address current. If you change your e-mail address, please send the new address change to teachers@furcadia.com. If we receive a message that there is a problem with your email address, you may find your teacher's badge suspended until a current address is provided.

2. If you are going to be away from the game for any length of time, please send the teacher group heads an e-mail, with departure date and expected date of return. If you are not sure of date of return, just drop the teacher group heads an e-mail when you are back in the game.

3. We do understand that real life takes precedence over the game. If you find that you must resign from our group, please let us know so that we can follow the proper procedures.


While badged, Beekin Teachers are role-models for our trainees, and fellow Beekins. If a teacher has a disagreement with another Beekin, they will do so in whispers. It would be best if problems could be resolved by a compromise.

Please remember that when you wear your teacher badge, you are representing not only our Teachers group, but the Beekin program as well. At this time, we do not wear the teachers badge outside of the Beekin Aerie dream. Unlike other Beekin groups we do not assist non-Beekin furres. If for any reason you have scheduled a class, and are not feeling well, or an IRL (in real life) situation occurs, then please to try find a replacement teacher. If you need help locating one, please ask one of the Teacher Group heads to send out a message asking for teaching help. Associates in Charge can also send out this message in the event you cannot find a Teacher Group head. If you cannot locate either, then you will have to cancel the class. Please remember to write "class cancelled" on the Beekin Calendar.


Running a class isn't as difficult as it may seem. Remember, all class times are given in FST (Furcadian standard time) or United States Central time. To see what the current FST time is, type time and press Enter. That will show you the time zone difference between your time and Furcadia's.

Schedule Classes to the Calendar. Following instruction given during the Teacher training, fill out the required information for the class you intend to teach and post it to the Calendar. Information is updated immediately allowing Beekins to quickly find the classes they need.

Send message to trainees In-Game. This message is sent to all Teachers, Associates, and Group heads, as well as all Beekin trainees wherever they may be situated on Furcadia. Please try to keep the message short. Information about what should be included in this message can be found in your teacher training notes. Messages should be sent 15 minutes before class starts to allow for trainees to arrive and you to check the status of each for appropriate classes.

Each class will consist of a Teacher, and an Assistant. All Teachers are qualified to attend to either role, both positions being equally important during classroom instruction. Beekins who wish to take the class as a refresher are to ask the teacher's permission to sit in providing there is room in the class. To obtain a credit for the class, trainees must sit on one of the classroom chairs. A Mentor or Teacher Group Head may also sit in and can offer suggestions or ideas and support as well.

Concluding all classes consists of taking student usernames and personal Beekin group information and posting to the Roll List. This information must be accurate in order to credit each trainee with class attendance.

PLEASE remember spelling counts! That also includes any special characters that may be part of the trainee's name. [hearts, hyphens, smiley faces, etc.] Rolls are updated immediately allowing Teachers to verify students for prerequisites.


When looking for class times, check the Beekin Calendar.

Clicking on calendar text will provide a pop up window with class information such as times, teachers, and classrooms. If you are having difficulties attending scheduled classes, or are missing classes given "impromptu", you may request a class by sending an email to teachers@furcadia.com.

If class times are difficult for you to attend, please send the teachers an e-mail with a reason why, as well as providing a list of times and days that would be easier for you to attend.

The Beekin Aerie, located from the SW corner of Vinca, is where you will find the classrooms. In the main area you can sometimes find off-duty Teachers. Please do not pester the teachers for a class. They may offer one good-naturedly, but if they don't please understand that they need some relaxation time as well.

Group specific classes must be given by that groups Beekin Head. Requests of this type are forwarded to the Beekin group for scheduling.