Celebration Days!

Homecoming Day (December 15, 2006)      This day is dedicated to all the players we've had over the years! Especially those that have gotten caught up in life's other things. Homecoming is all about meeting up with old friends and happy reunions! We'd also like to encourage all our groups and guilds to set up their own events during this week. If you do, post about it in our Celebration Forums and we'll announce it on the news channel!

Digo Day (December 16, 2006)      On Furcadia's anniversary, it has become a tradition to have a Free Digo Day. Ever wondered what you would look like as a mighty dragon? Perhaps you've pondered what it would be like to preen yourself as a phoenix? Talzhemir and Felorin will be giving a talk on the Event Channel (type =event to tune in), reminscing on how they made Furcadia, and what it was like in the early years. The channel will also broadcast information throughout the day about interesting dreams from the past that are available for you to visit.

Dreamer's Day (December 18, 2006)      This day is a celebration of all the wonderful dreams all of you make in Furcadia! We'll be encouraging people to dreamhop and explore. We will also be broadcasting about where some interesting dreams are to visit. There will be talks about dreamweaving, DragonSpeak, and patching.

Beekin Appreciation Day (December 19, 2006)      Beekins are Furcadia's tireless volunteers that serve the community by lending helping paws to others. Though we appreciate our volunteers greatly every day, December 19th is a special day of thanks to them. We at Dragon's Eye couldn't do all we do for you without our Beekins helping out! Emerald Flame will be giving a talk on the creation of the Beekin program and its history. Cironir will be giving a talk about community in Furcadia as well. Be sure and hug a Beekin today if you see one!

Roleplay Day (December 20, 2006)      This day is a celebration of all the roleplaying communities and roleplayers! We'll be encouraging people try out the various continuities and roleplay communities that Furcadia has to offer. There will be talks hosted by Talzhemir about various aspects of roleplaying.

Groups and Guilds Day (January 27, 2007)      Groups and Guilds help roleplay, social interaction, and the gaming environment thrive on Furcadia. We are offering a day for Groups and Guilds to man booths in our celebration dream, so that they can advertise and recruit. Looking for some likeminded people? This is the day to easily peruse the many different flavors of community Furcadia has to offer! Group leaders can go here to find out how to sign up for a booth. Emerald Flame will be giving a talk all about our upcoming new group packages too, so be sure to tune in for that one! (Type =event to listen in.) There will also be announcements throughout the day about interesting groups you may want to know about.



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