Community Contributions

Over the years, Furcadia players have encountered a lot of laughter, friendship, and some great tales (and tails!) to share. As part of our Tenth Year Celebration, we invite you to submit your historically significant screenshots and dreams from over the years. We're also looking for anniversary themed eCards that furres will be able to send to their friends. As we are asking the entire Furcadia community for contributions, we cannot guarantee that we will use everything submitted. Participation awards of Golden DragonScales will be given out for all dream, screenshot, and ecard entries we use. We're also looking for interesting stories about things that have happened to you in Furcadia, especially any stories from our early years, and we're looking for groups and guilds that want to promote themselves and maybe get some new members!

Screenshots: Furcadia has developed into such a strong and thriving community over the years. To celebrate, we are collecting older screenshots of well-known, cherished dreams and areas. Do you have a screenshot of one? Send them in, with an explanation of what is being captured in the image! Please make sure that your screenshots are .gif or .jpg format. All entries should be sent to

Dreams: We are looking for especially interesting dreams from the past. These can be well-known guilds, event dreams, interesting social areas that furries will remember. Please make sure to read Dream Contest Guide and Rules and Requirements. Dream entries are due by December 12, 2006. All entries should be sent to

eCards:For our Anniversary, we want some eCards that mention Furcadia's tenth birthday. Go here for all the info.

Stories: Got a particularly entertaining story? A heartwarming memory? We want to hear about it! Write up your story and post it on our Celebration Forums!

Groups and Guilds: If you want to reserve a booth to promote your group or guild, you need to write up a description of your group. Send it to us at along with the URL of your group's web page, and the DreamURL (furc://whatever) of your dream.



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