Winter festival

Snowfurre Contest

Theme - A Taste of Winter

Artists! Do you make tracks, or follow them? Are your inclinations toward pack animals, or furlings having fun in the snow? Perhaps you are more of an active sort and would rather make tracks with a snowboard, skiis or sleigh? No matter what your fancy, this contest is all about showcasing snow tracks in a winter scene. Get those art mediums primed and ready--digital and traditional mediums are allowed!
  • All entries must be 600x800 or smaller.
  • Accepted formats are: .png, .gif, .jpg
  • All images should be optimized for digital display on a webpage. Transparent backgrounds, clean edges, and well-contrasted pictures are a plus.

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Category: MASTER

Redwood Feast

By Aqua Dark
Download: Patch
Description: Outside feast to fully experience the winter goodness!

Christmas Dinner!

By Farren Dustfur
Download: Patch
Description: Not being that great of a cook, Farren decided to let one of his friends do the food preparation for this feast, while he worked his artful ways on the settings. Three tables for three courses, he set - appetizers, main course, and desserts. Then, well within the view of the tables the adults would be sat at, he set two tables for furlings, with smaller sizes for smaller bellies. He hoped his table setting skills were as good as the food!

Can't keep your Paws off this meal!

By Keiroko
Download: Patch
Description: Delicious assortment of goodies for the wintery Holidays.

Happy Holidays

By Rew
Download: Patch
Description: Ding! "Did you hear that; that's the oven timer going off! Let's see what we can eat!"
Seems like we have a fully baked Gingerbread Man! And.. Yummy pretzels! I'm sure we can use these for outside fencing! A Tea Kettle for that special holiday drink we've been yearning for all year.
And now, some hefty ice-cream cone Trees! These make me hungry just by looking at the lawn! Oh, what's more? We have a Peppermint Candy-Cane Tree that will light up that dark corner in the kitchen!

Category: REGULARS

Telford and Boon Do A Taste of Winter

By Boon Possumfeffer
Download: Patch
Description: A metaphor for the tracks we make not only in the snow, but in life. We may go our separate ways in life from time to time, but sometimes there are no tracks more ideal to follow- or, in this case, play in- than those of the people who love you.

A Furcadian Christmas Dinner

By Choro
Download: Patch
Description: Ever heard of a turducken? WE'VE GOT ONE. Except it's a kiwi in a herd bird in a ostrix, so technically it's called an ostherdibird. There's also some pongo sauce to go with it, and for dessert you have a choice of a tasty apple shaped apple pie or a yule log - or both, if you still have the room for it! When you're done, wash it all down with some kiwi eggnog (available in both a glass and a mug)! Credits to Celfi for the ideas.

Sweet Creativity

By coala
Download: Patch
Description: Traditional Holiday items made from deserts.Example:A snowman made out of donuts.All items are made this way except gingerbread house. The gingerbread house is actualy made of gingerbread. Also, the gingerbread house is animated. Note:No real penguins were harmed in the makeing of these patches.(Penguin is made from solid chocolate.)Reason for makeing:I love traditional chritstmas items such as candy canes, or snowmen But i like to be different so i tried makeing them out of something different.

Roasty Toasty Christmas

By Diego Watson
Download: Patch
Description: Just some warm, festive dinner party items with a giant gingerbread house decoration on the side! They're animated to feel extra heart-warming. Included is an extra version of the champagne bottle with the cork blasting off and one of it sitting still so users don't need to separate the items themselves. Merry Christmas! :)

A Winterfest Hamper

By Experience
Download: Patch
Description: This Hamper contains:
  • A collection of Fresh vegetables, presented on a gold-plated plate;
  • One chocolate Yule Log, presented on a gold-placed plate and accompanying holly leaves;
  • One bottle of Festive Wine, decorated with a large, red festive bow
  • and One Christmas Pudding, presented in an iron bowl,
Contained within a sturdy, woven boxed hamper, decorated with holly leaves.

Holiday Treats

By Kaelie
Download: Patch
Description: Holiday Treats featuring a little gingerbread house, fruitcake, yule log, cupcake & fudge, raspberry tart, strawberry cake and festive candy cane lights. Don't eat too many!

Yummy X-mas Food

By Kaylour
Download: Patch
Description: Christmas is coming, so let's start getting the food for the great night! Turkey, cakes, bread... even cupcakes! Great things to celebrate and enjoy with the family and friends.

Holiday Feast

By Kitasu
Download: Patch
Description: A big bowl of pongo punch, a giant ostrix dinner, a gingerbread house, a holiday yule log cake, and a plate full of festive cookies make this delicious feast a hit at any party. Also included are single-serving versions for your enjoyment.

Holiday Sweets

By Milky Starshyne
Download: Patch
Description: A holiday themed patch to fulfill a festive sweet tooth! Contains an animated gingerbread house, frosted cake, fruit cake loaf, Christmas tree and candy cane shaped cookies, and a table with candy cane, glass of milk and a big plate of cookies for Santa!

Midnight Madness Meal

By Moris
Download: Patch
Description: The night before Christmas, and all through the lab, no experiments were stirring- but the mutated food is an entirely different alibi, which are out and about, except for the pie. No one quite knows how this food is alive, perhaps from the back fridge, with chemical T5.

Oamey's Christmas Banquet

By Oamey
Download: Patch
Description: Celebrate the holidays with a brand new Christmas banquet hall! Contains everything you need from the silverware to the ham and turkey, along with some nice decorations and dining room furniture.

Family Feast

By Owata
Download: Patch

Holiday Traditions

By Pai
Download: Patch
Description: Items: - Gingerbread House with Cookies - Holiday Pudding - Animated Rotating Mixer - Rolling Pin and Cutting Board making Gingerbread Cookies - Holiday Ham

Jolly Snacking

By Peli
Download: Patch
Description: Cookies and Candy-Canes and Peppermints! It's probably not a good idea to eat all of it in one setting, though. Includes 3 peppermint seats, 1 setting of cookies and milk for Santa, and 2 gingerbread houses (one has an animated gingerbread man that waves).

Christmas Foodies

By Telelia
Download: Patch
Description: I decided to keep it simple and do foods that most people (in America) associate with Christmas- cookies and drinks are the theme for this patch.

Christmas Dinner

By Ugh
Download: Patch
Description: 1. Mistletoe Ostrix 2. Candy Cane Cake 3. Chocolate Kiwi and Her Golden Eggs 4. Gingerbread Furre 5. Pongo Candy Cane Mistletoe Juice

Holiday Patches

By Weiss
Download: Patch
Description: Items include: -- Yule Log -- Turkey w/ Potatoes -- Carrot Cake Slice -- Scalloped Potatoes -- Cookie Plate -- Lamb Chops -- Yule Log w/ Animated Candles


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