December 16th, 1996: Felorin and Talzhemir launched Furcadia, extending a paw in welcome to anyone who chose to join them in a magical world where animals have learned to walk on two feet and speak.

Ten years later, Furcadia has over 60,000 regular players who log in at least once a month. Many think of it as a second home, a place where they socialize on a daily basis, roleplay, share good times, play games, meet friends, or even where they've met their real life husband or wife! Thanks to you all for breathing life into our world, for taking our software and artwork and tools and making it all into a thriving, vibrant community.

Now we're commemorating the wonderful journey we've gone on together all these years. Whether you've been playing for Furcadia for years, or only a few days, we would like to come join us in a celebration unlike anything we have put on for our community. Take a stroll through our Ten Year Celebration dream, or experience some of the most memorable dreams from our players have made in years past. Come to any of our themed celebration days - or come to them all! Listen in on the talks on our Events channel (type =event to tune in). Take a look at old screenshots, dreams, and stories, or send us your own! But most of all, bring your brightest smile and come celebrate ten years of our Furcadia community!

Ten years of Furcadia brings about a special series from Fuzzy Random Entertainment
commemorating this achievement!


December 9, 2006

Town Meeting

     6pm FST

December 15, 2006

Homecoming Day

     All Day!

December 16, 2006

Digo Day

     All Day!



     Various Times!


Felorin Talk and Talzhemir Talk

     4pm FST

January 20, 2007

Celebrity Auction

     4pm FST

December 18, 2006

Dreamer's Day

     All Day!

December 19, 2006

Beekin Appreciation Day

     All Day!


Forming the Beekins Talk

     6pm FST

December 20, 2006

Roleplay Day

     All Day!

January 27, 2007

Groups and Guilds Day

     All Day!


DS Optimisation Talk

     5pm FST


Group Packages Talk

     6pm FST

Throughout Celebration

Trivia, Games, and Stories

     Various Times!



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