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The Wylde: Now Here!
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"...it told of a legendary place called 'The Wylde', where no Ferian was hunted.

'And that,' said Reen, 'is where we are going. To find The Wylde.'"
From 'Night Music' by Talzhemir

The Wylde is the promised land of the Ferians. An untamed place that calls to the wilder parts of a furre's nature. This will be the home of the Wolven, and other Ferians, of Furcadia. Furres are tolerated here, but it is not their place. It is home to creatures whose hearts follow a more primal beat.

The Wylde is an upload map made especially for those who walk on four paws! There are thirteen different biome areas to upload in, choose your favorite! In The Wylde dream owners can choose a place that most closely matches their dream type. Ferians, or Furres, entering the map will land in one of the biomes and can walk between them or they can press F3 to teleport quickly.

Each biome has a set of "habitats" that you can use to upload your dream on. Listed below are links to maps of each biome with an example portal.

[ Ocean | Tidal Beach | Coastal Meadow | Wetlands | Ferian Farm | Broadleaf Wood | Evergreen Forest | Cascade Cliffs | Mountain Aerie | Desert | Savannah | Jungle | Tropical Beach ]

Want to download the patch artwork from The Wylde? You're more than welcome to use it in your own dreams however you wish! Click here to download the patch.

(The Wylde's dream standard for behavior is T+: Teen+ Environment.)


[ Story of the Wolven | Ferians ]


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